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Our philosophy

Our aim is to  co-create nourishing thought-leadership and searching spaces for multiply marginalised people, but especially womxn with multiple and intersecting 'marginalised' identities engaged social change. Our focus is on supporting those of us engaged in challenging dispassionate and damaging practice through leadership based on integrity, presence, critical thought and kindness. 

Those of us who have experienced being ‘othered’ - made to feel alien, undesirable, wrong in our bodies or in the ways in which the different parts of our race, class, gender, ability, nationality (or absence of), sexuality, and/or cultural identitie(s) come together to create who we are, often learn to present a fragmented ‘self’ in different spaces. 

The Birthing Ourselves community is an experiment in relationship - both with ourselves and each other. In re-claiming ourselves,  and creating harmony in those parts of us that were never meant to exist together, we are re-thinking what it means to be human anew.  We call this, reclaiming wholeness as a de-colonial practice. 

We encourage thoughtful leadership which is rooted in our own experiences of vulnerability, complexity and messiness; believing that this is the key to personal growth which ultimately leads to lasting personal and social change. First, embracing how our experiences of living between contradictory cultures has honed our critical abilities. Second, growing beyond our blind-spots and taken-for-granted assumptions, identifying how we are personally shaped by, and contribute to the unjust practices of the world in which we live.

As Audre Lorde teaches us, healing the divides within ourselves unleashes our innate creativity. When we are no longer scared to show up, and lead as our full selves, we find our deepest and most creative potential for change (Lorde 1984). 

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