Our 'creating space' series of events aims to make help us make sense of 

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Our ‘holding space’ series of events focuses on creating space for ourselves, and holding space for others as we collectively try and continue with our lives, make sense of what is happening around us, and think about how our commitment to social change might take shape in the wake of Covid-19. 


There is no pressure to share anything deep or clever, these sessions are about creating space in our minds and ordering some of the clutter in our heads. Listening can also be healing. We aim to keep the space flexible and responsive to the needs of those who are attending. These sessions will be run in an informal style inspired by peer support - mostly listening, allowing people the time and space to process, no advice, maybe some group sharing of strategies that work for each of us, if appropriate. 

This series of events started throughout May, and has expanded to become an ongoing series.  

If you are interested in joining one of our groups, please e-mail Aman with the details of the session/s you'd like to sign up for on; she will be in touch to discuss more with you. 


Who:    Everyone welcome 

What? Sometimes when we’re working, reading, writing or planning, it can be really nice to catch a glimpse of other faces as they do the same. These sessions aim to replace libraries, cafe’s and other collective working spaces. Mics will be muted and cameras are optional (but encouraged!!) - this will be a totally casual drop-in, come and go as you please. 

Peer Support sPACE: SURVIVORS IN social change WORK

Who:    Womxn who self-identify as having a mental health issue, and work for social change.  

What?   This session is for any womxn who self-identifiy as having a mental health issue, and is currently involved in social change work. This pandemic is triggering for lots of us who have experienced trauma, and our commitment to being agents of social change can compound feelings of desperation and anxiety. This will be a safe space for those of us living with these issues to share where we are at, and listen to others do the same. 

Note: This session will be led in the style of peer support, we will take turns sharing whatever we feel comfortable sharing.

Listening and Processing Space for Postgraduate Students 


Who:    Womxn who are currently studying at postgraduate level.  

What?   Being a postgraduate student can be isolating at the best of times - but during a pandemic and after staff strikes, balancing self-care with writing and producing can be difficult; especially when opportunities for contact with other students has been significantly reduced. This session is open to any womxn students who self-identify as having an interest in social change. In this session, we will take turns talking about where we’re at. 

sewa beyond langar: Sikh womxn and social justice 

Who:    Womxn of Sikh heritage   

What?  Sikhi is built on the principles of equality and social justice for all, yet leadership around these principles in our communities is relatively low; where the work is happening, it tends to be led by men. This is an opportunity for sisters of Sikh heritage to come together, connect and share how we currently do this work, but also how we might re-imagine and be braver in our leadership. What changes do we long for in our community, and how can we lead them to fruition?


Who:    Womxn of colour    

What?  This session is for any womxn of colour who have lost loved ones. The idea is very simple, we will all take turns to share memories and talk about the influence of our lost loved ones on our lives. The losses can be, but don't have to be recent or connected to Covid-19. This pandemic is bringing up all sorts of feelings connected to loss, and while sitting with these feelings are important, this space is for celebrating all of the wonderful and joyful memories we hold of those passed.