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To centre women of colour feminist wisdom on social justice in our work
To use interdisciplinary thinking underpinned by the principles, wisdom and gifts of Feminism from women of colour. We use this generative frame to inspire thoughtful, brave and creative leadership capable of meeting the challenges of our current moment. 

To be led by lived experience 
To use our bodily and experiential expertise as a source of knowledge and courage. Digging deep, being brave, and bringing together what we feel and how we think as a practice of wholeness

To practice showing up as our full selves
lTo resist the technologies of dominance which teach us we must present an 'acceptable' or 'singular' self; we will always try to show up as our full selves. 

Leading by example:  Thoughtful curation of space
To encourage attentive, gentle, thoughtful leadership that does not simplify the complexity of leading social change work; this practice is underpinned by the principles of the peer support movement. 

To embrace our unique ability as multiply marginalised people of colour to hold complexity and messiness together as the key to affecting lasting personal and social change

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